Domain model class diagram

A domain model class diagram may contain the class name and its relationships with other classes or interfaces.

Implements and Extends

  • Use dotted line arrow to denote the implementation of the interface from the implemented class to the interface with a blank arrow head d
  • Use normal line arrow to show the inheritance of a class from sub class to the super class.d


the LeagueManager object can have its own life time which is completely disconnected from the SportsClub object. Looking from a different perspective, it means that if the LeagueManager object is deleted, the SportsClub object does not die.


Final Domain model class diagram

  • A SportsClub could exist or not  but yet the LeagueManger can stand alone.
  • there could be 1 or no LeagueManager
  • there has to be one or more SportsClub.
Domain Model class diagram .png
domain model class diagram